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Chengdu way of life----fishing

Besides popular Mahjong game,  some local Chengdu people are addict to do fishing whenever they have time, in most cases, this hobby is supported by their families and friends. Those fishing enthusiasts don't care about cold in winter, heat in summer, wet from head to foot from the shower, don't mind getting up early and backing home late, or even stay outside for whole night.

Fishing enthusiasts can be divided into three different classes.


They go to fish ponds in the park and holiday resorts, the owner of fish ponds offer all fishing equipment including bait, even arrange someone sit besides you to give you indication and help to brail the fish you get for you. The only purpose is let you can get as much as possible fish, because the cost is charged by fish weight. Although the fish price is higher than from the market, process is more important and with fun, all these places have restaurant attached and they can give the fish they got and pay a little commission, ask the restaurant to cook a fish meal. Fishing is so easy to addictive and forget the time, and always back home with too much fish and have to present to their friends. 

Gambling lover

There are some fish ponds are charged by fishing time, half day or whole day instead of by weight, of course it's more difficult for fishing enthusiasts to get the fish at such places, otherwise the pond owners will be on the rocks very soon. So this is gambling game between fishing man and fish, indeed it's between fishing man and fish ponds owners. high skill and unique hand-made bait are very useful, otherwise you will be loser for sure. of course sometimes a few of fishing man will laugh to the end, and sometimes fish pond owners have to cry on his wife's shoulder.

Hardcore lover

Usually speaking, hardcore lovers don't want to to above places for fishing, they go to nature rivers, lakes and reservoirs, they challenge fish varieties, quantities, weight and environment, they have top quality fishing instruments and secret bait recipe, they need to know fish life habit, weather and season influence on fish, they need to have strong body to make sure can fight with big fish for as long as 3 or 4 hours, they need to super patient to wait beside the water for hours, they need high confidence can persist to the end, and they need powerful psychological quality to face nothing. Their fun and happiness are out of your imagination.