The Imperial Summer Villa of Chengde Tours – Chengde, Hebei Province, China

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The Imperial Summer Villa of Chengde


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NO.20 Lizhengmen Road, China, Hebei Province, Chengde
Hours : 8:00-17:30

About this place

The Imperial Summer Villa of Chengde was the emperor's Summer Palace of the Qing Dynasty in china. 180 km from Beijing. By the emperor palace, royal gardens and magnificent temples. Mountain Resort is located in downtown Chengde to the north, Wulie River west area narrow Chengde Mountain Resort plaque Valley, villa construction layout can be roughly divided into two parts the palace area and park area, garden area can be divided into lakes, plain and mountainous part three. In 72 king Kangxi version of the emperor. Have a house, building, hall, hall, pavilion, pavilion, pavilion, Xuan, vegetarian, temple building of more than one place. China is the three largest ancient building complex, its greatest feature is the garden, in the garden hill. The Mountain Resort was built, the Qing emperor every year a large number of time in dealing with military and political events, receiving foreign envoys and frontier minority political leader. It occurs in a series of important events, important relics and artifacts, become Chinese multi-ethnic unified country finally the formation of historical testimony.

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