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Yuelu Mountain

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About this place

Mt. Yuelu, which means the foot of Mt. Hengshan (Southern Mountain), is located on the west bank of Xiangjiang River and lies in the west of Changsha City.
It's a highly reputable scenic area in Hunan Province, an area that enables you to have a much clearer understanding of Changsha City once you have paid a visit to Mt. Yuelu.

Mt. Yuelu is noted for its picturesque scenery.
The towering trees that provide dense shade emerge through heavily planted foliage around the mountains and provide an instant sense of refreshment and vitality to the environment. The full-blown azaleas in spring, the tranquility and coolness in summer, the flamboyant maple leaves in autumn and the silver-colored trees covered with snow and frost in winter make it a delightful spot all year round.

Besides the natural scenery, Yuelu Mountain abounds with cultural landscape as well. Many literati, ideologists, and hierarchy once visited here and left their tracks. The coexistence of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism is the most unique culture in this mountain. The representative buildings are the Yuelu Academy, the Lushan Temple, the Sarira Tower, the Yunlu Palace, and the Aiwan Pavilion.
Additionally, Mt. Yuelu is an excellent education base for patriotism. So many revolutionists, patriots and great people with high ideals like Huang Xing, Cai E and Jiang Yiwu, who were dedicated to the democratic revolution of the old type, were buried here.

And the monuments, graves and cemeteries built for those martyrs make a solemn and stirring scene on the mountain.

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Re: Yuelu Mountain

By Chris Tan,

Zhangjiajie local guide,find your personalized private tour!

<p>I like Yuelu mountain very much!Lots of old trees mean very nice forest and fresh air.Very quiet place where the oldest university from China located,which over 1000 years old. The main scenic spots are Temple Lushan, Love Dusk Pavilion,Palace Yunlu,Yuelu academy&nbsp;.</p>
Re: Yuelu Mountain

By Gedeon,

French and English Guide from Switzerland!

<p>It's very famous because of the famous people who were there, like Mao!</p>

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