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Shiweitang railway(石围塘铁路)

Built by american hexing company in 1901,it is the oldest railway in guangzhou,which still is used today. extended from guangzhou to shanshui(三水),it is the only overland rout to foshan city.

in the beginning, it is only for passenger transport purpose. During the second war,in case the Japanese armies used the railway,either of sides of the railway track was taken apart until the end  of the second was rebuilt and put into use agin 1946.

with constructions of pearl river bridge in 1960,the railway transit its role in passenger transportation to cargo transportation gradually .until 1992,cargo transportation became the only business retained in this railway till today.

With the constructions of transportation network,the glories of the railway faded.but it still rooted in every guangzhou people’heart.nowadays it become a popular place for filming and photographying.

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fangcun, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

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