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Plaosan Temple
Candi Plaosan


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Dukuh Plaosan, Desa Bugisan, Kec. Prambanan, 1 km to the east from Sewu Temple, Indonesia, Central Java
Hours : Mon-Sun 09 am - 5 pm

About this place

Plaosan Temple have beautiful temple with two temples that have same shape that's why Plaosan have name "Candi kembar", twin temples. Historical story behind it was Rakai Pikatan (King in that age, 8 century) who had Hindu religion, married to Princess Pramudhawardhani who had Budha religion. He had ordered to build the temples for his wife and his father's in law.

This place so beautiful and peaceful, far away from crowded and could do contemplation here. :)

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Best private tour in Viet Nam


very interesting story about the pagoda.

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