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Isla Mujeres or in English Island of Women is a beautiful small tropical island located some 13 km or about 8 miles away from Cancun, Mexico, in the Caribbean Sea. Even though this is a small island, there are numerous activities that can be performed by a visitor.

One can easily visit the island using the ferry and once on the island the main transportation are cars and scooters, and even golf carts.

People interested in historical landmarks will be well pleased by the island`s history. The island was a Mayan sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Ixchel, the goddess of fertility. It has been so for about thousand years, until the mid 19th century.
Perhaps the most visited attraction on the island is the Turtle Farm where giant sea turtles lay eggs on sand. The farm is located on the southern part of the island. 

One can`t talk about the island in the Caribbean without mentioning its splendid beaches. There is the North Beach with shallow water and white sand. This is most popular beach on the island so there are many restaurants, bars and even hotels. This means that there most of visitors spend their time so it can become crowded.

A little less crowded is the Playa Sol (Sun Beach). It is a neighboring to the North Beach but watching sunset is more beautiful than on any other part of the island.

There are some other attractions people like to visit on the island. As already mentioned, the island served as sanctuary. The Mayan people built a temple to Ixchel. Unfortunately, only ruins are left, especially after a strong hurricane occurred in the late 1980s.  One can see these ruins at the southern tip of the island known as Punta Sur.

Another attraction is the Hacienda Mundaca built in 1860. Fermin Antonio Mundaca de Marecheaga was a pirate and slave trader who found a refuge on the island after fighting with British army. There is a story about his life on the island. The story says he fell in love with a native girl after coming to the island. He was so inspired that he built a house surrounded with small lakes, arches and large gardens. This beautiful building became known as Hacienda Mundaca. Even though, the hacienda would benefit from renovation, one can see some inscriptions and even a tomb which Fermin built for himself. The tomb remained empty since Fermin got ill and his friend took him to Spain where he died.

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