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Myanmar - one month trip

When I said, I would travel to Myanmar nearly one month. Many people were very surprised, and asked me where I went, what I did in nearly one month.

Here is my itinerary in Myanmar, one month is just enough to see and understand the main parts of the country.

27 Jul. Fly from Bangkok to Yangon/ Travel to Thanlin by bus
28 - 30 Jul. Learn Meditation in Thabawa Center, going out with monks for foods in every morning.
30 Jul. Bus back to Yangon, visit Sule Pagoda/ Shwedagon Pagoda
31 Jul. Bus fr Yangon to Golden Rock Temple camp (at the bottom)
1 Aug. Visit Golden Rock Temple by truck in the morning/ Bus to Bago in the afternoon
2 Aug. Train fr Bago to Napitaw, continue overnight train to Kalaw
3 Aug. Discover Kalaw
4 - 5 Aug. 2D1N Trek fr Kalaw to Inle Lake
6 Aug. Bicycle around Inle Lake, drink wine at Redwine Mountain
7 Aug. Train fr Inle Lake to Thazi
8 Aug. Bus fr Thazi to Bagan
9 - 10 Aug. Discover Bagan by E-bike
11 Aug. Bus fr Bagan to Monywa
12 Aug. Discover Monywa by motorbike
13 Aug. Bus fr Monywa to Mandalay
14 - 15 Aug. Discover Mandalay by motorbike
16 Aug. Bus fr Mandalay to Hsipaw
17 - 18 Aug. Discover Hsipaw by motorbike
19 Aug. Train Hsipaw to Py OO Lyn (recommend as it is the most beautiful scenery)
20 Aug. Discover Py OO Lyn by motorbike
21 Aug. Pick-up from Py OO Lyn to Mandalay
22 Aug. Fly fr Mandalay to Bangkok

It is really hard or impossible to find Couchsurf in Myanmar, as the foreigners could only stay in the registered hotels required by government. So most of the time, we stayed in guesthouse. Compared to another countries in Southeast Asia, the guesthouses in Myanmar might be higher price but same quality than another countries.

Our guesthouses, which we stayed:

Yangon - Okinawa Guesthouse - Double room with aircon - 25k Kyat/night (recommend, as cheapest guesthouse & very clean with Japanese style)
Golden Rock Temple Camp - Pann Myo Thu - 17k Kyat/night (I guest, it is cheapest, air-con room, not very clean, but it is ok to stay one night before visiting Golden Rock Temple)
Bago - Emperor Hotel - 18k Kyat/night - Double with aircon (great view from the room - be careful of the people in the Bago bus stop, they will chase following you and tell you that it is their family hotel/ get away from them and go directly to the guesthouse)
Kalaw - Golden Lily Guesthouse - Double room with fan (share bath room) - 7 US$/night (the cheapest room we got in Myanmar, clean and acceptable, the guesthouse also provides the trekking service, tell them you want Robin to be tour guide - very helpful & friendly)
Inle Lake (or Nyaung Shwe) - PYI 2 Guesthouse - Double room with fan - 18k Kyat/night (recommend, as cheapest guesthouse and the owner very friendly, he goes and buys your breakfast with Mohinga every morning)
Thazi - Moonlight Guesthouse - Double room with air-con - 18k Kyat/night (very clean, the owner is very friendly)
Bagan (we stayed in Nyaung U) - A1 Guesthouse - Double room with aircon - 18k Kyat/night (recommend, breakfast is good, the owner is very friendly, the room is very clean)
Monywa - Shwe Taung Tarn Hotel - Double room with aircon - 24k Kyat/night (not very clean, highest floor so you were very tired to go up and down, but it is the cheapest guesthouse in the town)
Mandalay - we stayed in 2 guesthouses - Rich Queen - 24k Kyat/night (smell bath room, we have to close the door to stop the smell, not recommend for this kind of room, upgrade to 25US$ for better room if you want to stay)/ AD1 Guesthouse - 22k Kyat/night (clean room, recommend)
Hsipaw - Red Dragon Hotel - Double room with fan (you do not need the aircon room in the area, very cool weather) - 18k Kyat/night (best room we had in the whole trip, as it is very new hotel, they need customers so we get very cheap price for the room, normally US$20 for my room)
Py OO Lyn - Bravo Hotel - Double room with aircon (recommend, very clean and friendly manager, the internet is quite fast compared to another provinces) - 20k Kyat/night

Our quotes are just for reference, it will depend on your voice/ talent bargain/ and busy season (fr Sep - Apr). We traveled in low season, so expect the quote would increase at least 20% in busy season.

For long-distance transportation, there are two ways, as train & bus. Trains are very cheap compared to buses, especially for Economic class.

It is general information to help you make the plan for your trip!

Hope it help and motivate you travel to Myanmar in very soon future.


Quyet Vo
Founder of @Funny Weekend