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Ya Xiu Market


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No. 58 Gongti Bei Lu, Sanlitun, Chaoyang Dist., China, Beijing
Hours : 9am-9:30pm

About this place

There is no shortage of markets in Beijing, however, Ya Xiu is one of the bigger and better known markets geared towards tourists. Like Xiushui Jie Market  (Silk Alley) 秀水街, this indoor market contains row upon row of designer knock offs at dirt cheap prices, provided you have good bargaining skills.  Bargaining is a prerequisite and all the standard bargaining rules apply: the seller will name their price (which will be 3, 5, or even 10 times the final price), you’ll walk away after they refuse your price, and the seller will call you back saying ‘okay okay’. It’s all quite predictable, but well worth it if you get a kick out of cheap buys. The environment is not conducive to trying on garments, so you’ll have to estimate whether or not the article will fit.  Also, do not be too disappointed if your purchases last you only one or two seasons as you shouldn’t expect too much from the cheapish goods you’ve purchased.  Custom made suits can also be made by the many tailors who have shops in Ya Xiu.
Whilst the market does seem a bit chaotic there is some semblance of order: shoes and bags are in the basement, jewellery is on the top floor, and clothes galore fill the floors in between.  The top floor is also a good place to get a cheap (30 yuan) manicure.

Ya Xiu is located in the trendy Sanlitun area, so a visit here can easily be combined with lunch at the Pink Loft, a visit to the Beijing Bookworm, the Bar Street, or just a stroll around to enjoy the embassy district.

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Does it a good place to buy good stuff?

<p>Is this the place maost of the goods are all fake? I just heard from my friend, so i never go there, maybe i should go and see what they sell.</p>

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