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Lao She Teahouse


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No.3, Qianmen Xidajie, Xuanwu District, Beijing (Very Close to Tiananmen Square), China, Beijing
Hours : 10:00am to 10:00pm

About this place

Lao She is one of Beijing’s most famous teahouses, and has been visited by a number of well-known politicians. Photos hanging in the entrance corridor depict many of these dignitaries enjoying a visit to Lao She. An evening at the tea house involves a Chinese dinner followed by traditional Chinese entertainment that includes a series of acts, such as Peking Opera, acrobatics, dancing, and a comedy show. All of the entertainment is in Chinese and although there is a screen overhead with English translations, much of the performance will be unfathomable to the non-Chinese speaker. Nonetheless it is still very enjoyable for those seeking an introduction to traditional Chinese entertainment. Lao she is also a good place to take family or friends who may be visiting you in Beijing.
A highlight is the tea pouring acrobatics of the waiters. The waiters masterfully pour tea from a very long spouted tea pot into a small tea cup, which is always greeted by much applause. Amazingly fresh tea is served throughout dinner and the performance. There is also a tea and curio shop in the teahouse.
Making a reservation in advance is a must, especially on weekends.

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By Julia Zhu,

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Laoshe, a famous writer in China's history, the teahouse is named after one of his books telling people's life in the democratic China. You can have Chinsese tea in a folky way as well as enjoying the performance
Re: Lao She Teahouse

By Gedeon,

French and English Guide from Switzerland!


<p>It's not only a place for the Chinese tea but also for the culture.</p>
Re: Lao She Teahouse

By Beijing China Guide Terry,

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<p>The restaurant &#39;s main business on the first floor of home cooking , free musical instruments , opera performances , the higher the grade , ideal for entertaining foreign clients .<br /> &nbsp;</p>
Re: Lao She Teahouse

By Beijing China Guide Terry,

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️For The Best China Business And Sightseeing Experience


<p>Not really big one,&nbsp;it is just around&nbsp;55 square&nbsp;meters,&nbsp;but really&nbsp;great&nbsp;&nbsp;place to enjoy a&nbsp;cup of tea!</p>

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