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The Ancient Observatory


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No. 2 Dongbiaobei Hutong, south-western corner of Jianguomen Bridge, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China, Beijing
Hours : Winter time 9am-4:30pm, Summer time 9am-6pm

About this place

After a while in Beijing the contrast of historic sites and ancient temples against the backdrop of a modern skyline becomes all too familiar. The Ancient Observatory, or Exhibition Hall of Ancient Astronomical Instruments as it is officially known, is typical of the Beijing landscape in this regard. That is, upon reaching the top of the tower to view the ancient astronomical instruments, visitors are then afforded and impressive view of the surrounding city and its imposing high-rises.
By blocking out the surrounding city view for just a moment, it is easy to get the sense that the eight bronzed instruments, among which are a celestial globe and an ecliptical armilla, are indeed ancient. Located in a former watchtower, the Observatory was built in 1442(allegedly by Jesuit missionaries), making it one of the oldest observatories in the world and therefore a place of great interest for astronomers. 
For those with little to no interest in astronomy, one hour should be ample time to comfortably visit the Ancient Observatory.  Simply observe the ancient instruments and visit the exhibition hall in the adjacent building.
The Ancient Observatory is conveniently located directly behind Jianguomen subway station.
How to get there:
Take subway line 2 to Jianguomen subway stop and take Exit C. Once outside the subway station, turn immediately right, then right again. You can’t miss the tower which will be right in front of you.
The observatory in Nanjing

Local bus routes: 1、4、9、10、20、29、37、39、52、120、122、403、420、728、729、802、938, get off at the Beijing Dong Zhan(北京东站).

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Ancient Observatory Platform

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The place was one of the corner towers on the ancient city wall of Beijing, astronomous apparatus was created in the Qing Dynasty from the 18th's Century.
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It is a special topic site museum of nature science displaying Chinese ancient astronomical equipment and astronomy.
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