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Dian ke dian lai


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No. 8 Da fang jia Hutong, Chaoyangmen , Dongchen District, Beijing, China, Beijing
Hours : 11:00 am to 22:00 pm

About this place

Dian ke dian lai is a very very classical Yun nan Restaurant in Beijing.  The food is delicious and the environment is also very special.  It's necessary to make reservation when you go there to have lunch or dinner. You have to remember the Number of the add.. There is no name or any mark outside of the entrance. When we knock the door, the waiter will open the door and welcome your coming. You will not feel you're going to a restaurant, but a family visit. 

It costs 98 RMB per person or 198 RMB per person. You don't have to order food. They will offer you what do they have on that day. But you will never be disappoint with the food. It's different with buffet. 

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They do a very fine dishes, chicken soup taste very good, chicken is fragrant.

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