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Liu Yin Park


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No 8, Andingmenwai, Dongcheng District, Beijing., China, Beijing
Hours : Daily 6am-9pm

About this place


Liuyin Park is located on the west side of Andingmen Waidajie. It can be easily reached from Andingmen subway station at a 10 minute walk, or using bus no. 108, 104, etc. to Jiangzhaikou station. The park covers a total area of 17 hectares, including 7 hectares of water. It is the only one that shows rural scenery in the central downtown area of Beijing. Decorated by bamboo, willows, flowers, fruit trees and thatched pavilions, the park resembles the countryside. Well designed stone walls add a unique charm. Farming fields and tile roofed farming houses, sheltered in green woods look very harmonious with the natural surroundings.

In early spring, when the ice on the lake begins to thaw, flocks of wild ducks come to the park and build their nests on the Yeyadao (wild duck island) in the centre of the lake. The ducks enjoy the natural scenery and live in harmony with nightingales, magpies and squirrels. In summer the lotus flowers dance in the wind together with the swaying of the willow trees.

Bamboo Branch Songs

By Liu Yuxi

Between the green willows the river flows along;
My gallant in a boat is heard to sing a song.

The west is veiled in rain, the east enjoys sunshine,

My gallant is as deep in love as the day is fine.

It offers a perfect place for a summer resort. In autumn, the yellow reeds wave in the wind. It composes a beautiful picture featuring the landscape of the region of rivers and lakes along the lower reaches of the Yangzi river. In this noisy metropolis, the rare green park has long been called “Village Garden” by local Beijing residents. After visiting the park the Santosa Tea House, being nearby offers high class afternoon tea, or even a delicious southeast Asian dinner.




A special event takes place on Saturday mornings in the park, when everyone goes to the park to join into classical dancing. Don’t forget to bring your evening gown.


Metro station: Andingmen, Bus lines no. 108, 104

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It's indeed a normal park to tourists, not as significant as the Summer Palace and so on, so it's not a top option for first comers. But if you are local or expats in Beijing, it's a good retreat in the free time.
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,take a rickshaw ,releasing around the lake ,drink the coffee or tea at the bar , it is a good place to go .
Is it fun there?

Why many people go there? What`s about it? I never heard about it, i thought it`s just a normal lake in a big city.

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