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Chairman Mao's Mausoleum


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Located in the center of Tiananmen Square, China, Beijing
Hours : Open 8:30am-11:30am Tues-Sun and 2pm-4pm Tues and Thurs

About this place

There is certainly something eerie about Mao’s preserved body lying in a crystal case.  Is it over the top to pay such high respects to a former politician or is it just creepy to see anyone’s corpse look almost alive 30 years later?  Perhaps it is the fact that Mao wished to be cremated.
Actually walking through the mausoleum is a very brief and orderly process that only takes five to ten minutes.  Bottles, bags, cameras and sandals are not allowed inside.  Guards assure that the lineup is maintained as visitors are ushered first past the marble statue of Mao then through the hall in which sits Mao’s embalmed body and finally to the souvenir store that sells all types of Mao Memorabilia.  It is not likely Mao would have wished for any of the souvenirs either.
How to Get There
Take subway line 2 to the Qianmen (前门) stop, go out through the northeast exit (exit A), and then walk straight north to find the queue to enter the mausoleum.
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It's one of the three national leaders in the world whose body was preserved. The mauselium is on the south end of Tian'an men Square, people who wait to see him form a line of a mile long. It opens only in the morning.
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Make sure Chairman Mao does not meet the guests every Monday.
Re: Chairman Mao's Mausoleum

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Be careful with the opening hours and don't bring too many things with you because you can't get in with your bags.
Never forgot Chairmen Mao!

Every day you will see people line in the queue. But it`s quite strict with your appearance, no bottles, bags, cameras and sandals, even no kids.
Chairmen Mao is died for over 3o years, but till now still have many Chinese people want to see him that`s really prove how important he is and what he did for China.

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