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Beijing Chaoyang Diabetes Hospital


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No.1 Tianshuiyuan East Street, Chaoyang District, China, Beijing
Hours : 8am-5:30pm

About this place

If you are diabetic, or suspect that you might be, you should visit Beijing Chaoyang Diabetes Hospital. The hospital was opened in July 2004 and is the brainchild of Dr. Wang Zhili. Dr. Wang completed his postgraduate study in London, and is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. The hospital’s up-to-date equipment includes an X-ray department, fundus photography department, and a CTS scanner. The hospital aims to raise the standard of diabetes treatment and control throughout China. It departs from the traditional method of automatically dispensing oral medicines for type II diabetes, instead opting to support the body with insulin whilst at the same time implementing a regime of exercise and diet to help the body recover as much natural function as possible. In this way some patients are ultimately able to control the disease without long-term use of drugs or insulin.
Unlike most Chinese hospitals, waiting times are not too long. If you require a blood glucose test it is well worth making the trip rather than queuing half the day in an ordinary general hospital. The hospital offers the most modern treatment methods in China. The staff are friendly and enthusiastic, and while English speaking staff are usually available, it might be best to bring a Chinese friend along if possible. In the event that a hospital stay is needed, in-patient charges are very reasonable.
Link: Chaoyang Diabetes Hospital Official Website

Take subway Line 1 and get off at DaWang Road (Exit A). Then catch bus No.30 and get off at Daojia Yuan stop.

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