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Fangshan District,Beijing, China, Beijing
Hours : 08:00am-06:00pm

About this place

Shidu--The Guilin of  The North.

Sometimes dubbed 'the Guilin of the North,' Shidu Scenic Spot is located along the middle-upper reaches of Juma River in Fangshan District, 100 kilometers from the city.

There are 10 river bends along this segment of the river, o­n each of which a ferry crossing was set up. Hence the name Shidu means '10 ferry crossings' in Chinese.

Shidu is the o­nly natural scenic spot in north China that is characterized by karst peak forests and river valley topography. There is beautiful scenery o­n each ferry crossing.

The varied terrain -- the winding river course, deep here and shallow there, broad here and narrow there, and the rolling hills, sometimes undulating sharply and sometimes slightly -- forms the distinctive style of the scenic spot.

Convenient amenities make Shidu a very attractive tourist resort. To date, nearly 200 films and TV programs have chosen Shidu for location shooting.

Bungee jumping is a more recent attraction of the area. It claims to be the first place to offer a bungee facility for adventurers in China.

The mountain of Shidu is steep, the water is clear, peaks, rocks form a contrast to the water, caves, brooks and ponds. Every three steps, there is a scenery, every five steps, there is a painting, it is like a gallery, every 100m, there is a bridge, every 1000m, there is a ferry crossing. All the four seasons are like paintings.

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By Julia Zhu,

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It's a bless to Beijing locals to have such a beautiful place in the outskirt, about 3 hours drive from the town. When the clear water flows through the mountains, you will forget all the downside of life.

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By Skyegao,

Certificated Guide in Beijing---Skyegao

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