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Lama Temple


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Yonghegong,popularlay know as the 'Lama Temple',is a famous lamasery in the northeastern part of Beijing.It is located next to the northern side of the second ring road.

Lama Temple is the largest lamasery and one of the best preserved lama temples at the present time in Beijing with a total area of 66,400 square meters.

There is a tremendous statue of Buddha standing  in a pavilion ,which was carved out of a single trunk of white sandalwood..It's 26 meters high,8 meters in diameter.It was recorded in the 'Guinness Book of Would Records' in 1990.

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It was emperor Yongzheng's residence before he became an emperor. According to the rules, when changing the function of a King's residence, it must be something equivalent, so a lama temple came into being.Now it's the largest lama temple in Northern China.

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