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Gubei town


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Miyun Gubei town Simatai Gubeikou Village, China, Beijing
Hours : 24

About this place

Miyun Gubei Town Village Simatai Gubeikou Gubei Town, as a newly developed tourism projects Gubei here, like Wuzhen, because it is new, the merchants here is not too much, some businesses in the rental, the ticket price is 150 yuan a day, the feeling is still relatively expensive, but there is still large, in the north to enjoy the Gubei style, the buildings here are basically imitating the ancient courtyard building, carved eaves, trees, courtyard, water, which I think is particularly suitable for photography enthusiasts, or wedding photo, what the film. See also can not feel the vicissitudes of history here. Baptism is the artificial landscape more, look at the scenery and architecture. Here is the wine cellar Museum, wax museum, escort, matchmaker temple, Toy Museum, shadow puppet Museum, the church does not need to be in another ticket, you can look. Shadow play has many sessions a day, look pretty good. For children ~ five to, where you can see the ship frozen in the river, the feeling is also very beautiful, also said the comic, lion dance, donkey, rowing team * * * ~ by the door, tickets place and God ~ very interesting. It is relatively large, at nine in the morning to play, to five in the afternoon, basically just look at it again, if you have fun, you can choose to live in the hotel, price is cheap and expensive, choose according to their own circumstances, if a ticket 80 yuan accommodation actually, no relief. Inside or snack street, can eat, the price can be, but the queue is a headache!

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Amazing place to be

By Julia Zhu,

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Gubei Water Town is good to see both in the day time and at night when it's led up, it's even more appealing when you can see Simatai Great Wall at the end of the town, what's more, the water town has natural hot spring. Book a tour with Julia Zhu, who knows the place better than anybody else.

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By Kungfu Panda,

Excellent & Professional English tour guide

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