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Baiquan mountain


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Huairou Beizhen District Huai Bei Tai Zi, China, Beijing
Hours : 7:00am-06:00pm

About this place

The villa is located in Huairou District Labagoumen Manchu Township of Beijing City, here is the largest nature reserve in North Beijing forests, 111 national road runs through the territory to Fengning Bashang grassland tourism gold channel. 150 kilometers away from Beijing, convenient transportation and communication developed. The simple folk, picturesque scenery, the temperature difference between day and night that is an ideal summer resort for leisure, "the back garden of Huairou" said Baiquan. Villa to Labagoumen forest and soup based on the natural environment, richly endowed by nature. Here far away from the noisy city, Yishanbangshui, wind Guang Yanli, filling the mountain natural scenery. Mountains, water, village bridges, water, people each other, a villa, perfect countryside. Villa covers an area of 110 acres, can accommodate more than 60 people dining accommodations, relying on the abundant soup River Water Villa formed many small lakes. The mountain village diet are produced in Villa Green food, Chaiji, wood duck, hare, cold water fish, grass carp, fish and shrimp in the river. Visitors can fishing, boating, horseback riding, hold the bonfire party, swimming in the river, enjoy leisure fashion. Villa, with four distinct seasons, spring flowers in full bloom, summer mountains DiCui, dahurian rhododendron leaf in autumn, winter snow wrapped, tourists in the dining to stay and enjoy the Beijing farm characteristics, feelings and affinity nature comfortable. Dear visitor, hope I Baiquan villa can give you good memories, to Baiquan leisure hills.

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A good combination of water and mountain

By Julia Zhu,

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There is a saying goes like Those who are benevolent are as stable as mountains, while those who are smart are as contributing as water. You can be the one who is both benevolent and smart here.
Re: Baiquan mountain

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Hundred Quanshan, just as its name implies, much water, really is all the way there are rivers, or air, the scenic spots less very clean, the area generally bathrooms are flattered by the park toilets are very clean, a boat can do for a period of time not long, but the scenery is very beautiful, suggestions can come back when the boat, when can climb tired hill is not high, but a surprisingly good scenery, a family with snacks, chat slowly climbing very comfortable, many scenic spots inside the more

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By Kungfu Panda,

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