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Hello, Welcome to Beijing. My name is Judy. I'm an experienced guide who speaks English and French living in Beijing. Being a fan of Chinese history as well as an easy-going and considerate person, I've made lots of friends and learnt plenty of stories from different countries all over the world through what my past 8 years' working. With me, you would not only get to know Chinese, and Chinese from what you've mostly learnt already through the books and TV. Being born in a big traditional Chinese family which witnessed the changes of China from a turbulent period to a world economic center, I will present another China with unique stories and transition of my family. Like I always tell my travelers - I prefer to call them my friends: I will be your window to see China while you are my window to see the world.

Personally, I'm a dynamic person who love traveling, swimming, reading and hiking which make me more open-minded and optimistic to face whatever happens around with a big heart.

Beijing is a very special metropolitan area which experienced too much chaos, happiness, complexity, separation and reunion in the past centuries. The 24 ancient Chinese emperors were ruling and living here in the latest 600 years; Mongolians conquered it and set up Mongolian empire here at 12th century; Marco Polo, the Italian business man visited here at the 13th century; That's why there are still folklore today saying that the Italian spaghetti and Pizza were actually originally from Beijing. Mathieu Ricci, the Italian missionary brought Catholicism here in 17th century and spread it all over China; The four ancient Chinese inventions started to spread to the western countries from here through the Silk Road. . . This is Beijing, an unique city in China you should never miss to visit in life.

China requires that all tour guides are licensed. I am officially licensed by the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA). I offer private Great Wall tours. Beijing private city tours. airport layover tours. airport pick-up and sent-off services. single or multiple day-tours. Your trip in China with me can be very flexible by feeling at home, nothing is fixed. I'll arrange transportation for you according to your family size. If you have any creative ideas to explore Beijing, please don't be hesitate to tell me as I would tailor-make your tours as well.

Join me, Let's explore Beijing together !