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Ming Tombs Reservoir


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Changping District ,Beijing , China, Beijing
Hours : 8:00am-6:00pm

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The reservoir has a particularly large grass is suitable for camping, Yier Bai people together to open the car here is not that crowded. In the face of the dam, is next to the water, coupled with the huge pieces of turf, do not have some fun on the rest of roast chicken wings, the products of red wine, eating fruit, Bengdi night, dancing … …

On the Badaling Expressway following the Ming Tombs Reservoir exports.

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Beijing is a landlocked city, so it's always refreshing to see big area of water, the reservoir looks like a huge lake located near the Ming Tombs area, that's why it was name after it.
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Reservoirs can catch carp,  silver carp, etc
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Seems good place for office team weekend relexation and family picnic. Suggestion, don't leave rubbish to this beautiful place.

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