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Lusheng Gathering in Gulong, Guizhou


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Gulong Town, Huangping County, Guizhou Province, China, Beijing
Hours : Noveember 3rd, 2010----November 5th, 2010

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Lusheng Gathering is a kind of traditioanl socializing festival for the minority ethnic groups in Guizhou Province. After having a bumpy harvest every year, different villages hold festivals on different days to celebrate harvest and offer occasions to the youth to socialize. Gulong Lusheng Gathering happening in late autum is such a kind festival for the Miao in Kaili area. On festival days, all girls and women put on their most beautiful traditinal costumes and silver ornaments. Young boys and men play all kinds of music with their traditional instruments----Lusheng pipe made of bamboo. They have been following such kinds of traditional ways to meet each other and date. On the festival site, we will find many other activities such as water buffalo fighting, horse racing, singing competition, etc. It offers occasions for photographers and textile researchers to enjoy daily life of the Miao in Guizhou, as well as their costume, architecture, music, etc.
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By Julia Zhu,

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Minorities in China absolutedly know how to celebrate with dancing and singing. Whenever there is a festival, everybody dresses up colorfully and gathers joyously though when they dress normal clothes, you have no idea whether they are minorities or Han.

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