Drum Tower and Bell Tower Tours – Beijing, China

Drum Tower and Bell Tower
鼓楼, 钟楼


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Intersection of Gulou Dong Dajie and Di'anmen Wai Dajie, China, Beijing
Hours : 9:00am-5:00pm

About this place

The Drum Tower (鼓楼gǔ lóu) was originally built in 1273 but the current structure dates to 1420. The tower was used as the time-keeping center for Beijing. 
100 meters north of the Drum Tower, you will find the Bell Tower (钟楼zhōng lóu). The Bell Tower was originally built around the same time as the Drum Tower, but was burned down and rebuilt in the 1700’s. 
Both structures are quite impressive and worthwhile stops on your tour of Beijing.  Both buildings close at 4:30, so don’t plan on going late. 
Location: About 3 km directly north of the Forbidden City on Gulou Da Jie. Take the No. 2 subway line to “Gulou Da Jie” and walk south. Otherwise, it’s walkable from Tiananmen Square. 

Bell Tower, 2007


Drum Tower, 2007

Take bus No. 107、815、734、834、60、5、124 to get there.

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User Reviews


By Julia Zhu,

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A clepsydra was used as a device to tell time, which is composed of four levels of buckets with water dripping from the top, each bucket makes a quater, when the last one is full, a bronze figure on the top claps the brass to announce one hour.
Wonderful olding building in Beijing!

An underrated historic site that i particularly enjoy is the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower. Usually there are no other visitors and you have this wonderful old building to yourself. It`s a very peaceful place from which to contemplate the nearby hutongs, the bustling modern city in the distance, and the contrast.

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