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Yuyuantan Park


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No. 10, West 3rd Ring Middle Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China, Beijing
Hours : 6:00-21:30

About this place

"Yuyuantan Park is a municipal park, one of eleven, is located in the Haidian District, convenient transportation. Dongmen and adjacent to the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse; west to the West Third Ring Road, and across the road separated from the central tower; the south gate at the Chinese Millennium Monument is north, the Navy General Hospital in the north. Morning at Gold's, here is part of the West are to visit the Holy Land on the northern outskirts of the landscape; Galerkin time, where the river curved, a water view. There are feudal literati recluse who pursue the雅趣"Raising Linquan respect", "Fishing Hequ" and other scenic spots. Qing Qianlong 38 years, the famous Yinhe Xiangshan water works, opening the Yuyuantan Lake University, sand birds’ waterfowl gathered here, the water grass Feng Xiao-mao of the cool scenery full of vitality.
Beijing Municipal Government in 1960 officially naming Yuyuantan Park, after years of construction and attribution of change, and gradually formed a new integrated municipal parks, historical sites because not many scenic spots as the AAA class. Park East 1820 meters wide, 1106 meters long from north to south, planning a total area of 136.69 hectares, of which the waters of an area of 61 hectares, 74.44 hectares green area built (including grass), green coverage rate reached more than 95% of existing park about 199,500 plants.
At present, the main scenic Park Cherry Park from the western and northern Lake water (partial completion), the Southern Zhongshan Island, east of Spring Garden Lane to stay composed. W here the water a long hill, blessed with the environment and in modern history, fewer large-scale construction, YANG Huai many achievements of the mountain, waterfront Yiyi weeping willows, the lake water wild lush natural style. Park is currently held every spring, "Cherry blossom flowers will be" well-known, renowned more than 2000 cherry trees of the "Sakura Garden", in the spring breeze Fei Shu Yun Shu, Chunshui spring flowers such as the surging crowd and become unique to the capital in early spring landscape. 70-80 years and 90 during the winter of "anti-cancer life's Paradise" and other fitness activities are also widely known.
Construction of the city for over 40 years the rapid development of high-rises surrounding the busy, always busy with traffic of the two Lake Park One leisurely to clean water and the formation of a strong contrast. Living at a more affluent, more modern city, a more ambitious pursuit of this goal, we have around the green is particularly precious and peaceful. The future, follow the natural and harmonious construction is that the park is stills the same style. "

Bus: No. 320, 114, 717, 727, 300, 323, 374. 

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By Julia Zhu,

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It's a beautiful park near the old CCTV station. People go there in the morning for exercises or for singing and dancing for the rest of the day. Cherry blossoms is a must-see in the Spring.
Re: Yuyuantan Park

By Eric Denny,

A fun & experienced guide with wonderful stories all over West China.


<p>Very beautiful view and flowers</p>
Re: Yuyuantan Park

By Shaolu86,

Your professional, experienced, knowledgeable tour guide


<p>It's famous&nbsp;for&nbsp;cherry blossom duiring April.</p>

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By Emily Wang,

Love travelling. Hope I can help you enjoy your trip in Beijing.

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