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The Ming Tombs


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48km (30 miles) NW of Beijing, China, Beijing
Hours : 8:30- 17:30 1,Apr.~31, Oct.; 8:30- 17:00 1,Nov.~ 31, Mar.

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The Ming Tombs are located in Changping District, about 50 kms to the northwest of Beijing. This imperial cemetery covers an area of 80 km2 with 13 Ming emperors, 23 empresses, many imperial concubines, princes and princesses buried here. These tombs are the best preserved of all Chinese imperial tombs. There are a total of 13 Ming emperors buried in this area, so it is called the “13 Ming Tombs” in Chinese. In 1961, the Chinese Government listed the 13 Ming Tombs as one of the important monuments under special preservation, and in 2003, the 13 Ming Tombs were listed as a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO.

So far, only 3 tombs are open to the public- Chang Ling, Ding Ling and Zhao Ling. And only the underground palace in Ding Ling was excavated.

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There are thirtheen tombs only in the Ming Tombs area when there are 16 emperors in the Ming Dynasty. Where were the other three Ming emperors buried?The first emperor Zhuyuanzhang was buried in Nanjing ,the first capital in the Ming Dynasty. The second emperor exiled and died unfound after he was usurped power by his uncle. The seventh emperor was buried in King's Tomb area after he was killed by his brother.

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