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Fayuan Temple


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Fayuan Si Qian Jie 7 Xuanwu Q, China, Beijing
Hours : Thurs-Tues 8:30-11am and 1:30-4pm

About this place

Fayuan Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, at the south of Jiaozi Alley outside the Beijing Xuanwumen. It is not only the oldest Buddhist temple in Beijing but also a location for both the China Buddhism Institution and China Buddhism Library and Relic Centre. In addition, it is an important institution training young monks and Buddhism research. Fayuan Temple spreads over an area of 6700 m2. Fayuan Temple which consists of 13 halls carefully layout over a huge compound, is the oldest ancient temple buildings in Beijing.

Metro: Xuanwu Men (206, exit D1)

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