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Red Theater Kung Fu Show


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No.44, Xing Fu Da Jie Chongwen District, Beijing , China, Beijing
Hours : 17:15-18:30; 19:30-20-40; (17:15-18:30) is N/A during off season

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On the basis of the former Chongwen Worker’s Palace Theatre, the China Heaven Creation spent a big sum of money in renovation. Besides the outer appearance which consumed 80 tons of steel, the China Heaven Creation also imported lights and stage facilities from other countries which present stunning stage experience. Legend of Kung Fu is a stage performance which integrates Chinese Martial Arts, Acrobatics and dancing. Since 15 July, 2004, it has been staging for more than 9 years with millions of audiences. It is the only stage performance that not only being presented in China, but also touring around other countries. It becomes a very famous brand in the Chinese Performing Arts market.

The story happens in an ancient temple in China. A little boy was wondering outside an ancient temple in China trying to become a Kung Fu master like other boys' dreams. On the way to a great Kung Fu master, he encountered many difficulties and temptation which finally led him to be a great one with great integrity and enlightment.

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Red Theater Kung Fu Show

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Kung Fu Show Beijing reviews are very high and exceptional among the local people as well as the world wide teens and children’s because of the exciting and well built plot that is built in the show thoroughly and right from the old and past history.

By Julia Zhu,

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The best show in Beijing, it's been on for continuous 15 years, but still popular among audiences from the world. The artists which are also Kungfu masters have been invited to 60 countries for tour performances.

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By Chinabeijingguide,

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