Guijie (Ghost Street) Beijing Tours – Beijing, China

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Guijie (Ghost Street) Beijing

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"Gui Jie 簋街"  known as " The Ghost Street", literally,  " 簋 Gui" means "food  container" and " 街 jie" means "street".   The word "ghost"  has the same pronunciation with the word " food container", locals like to call the street " The Ghost Street", and come at night when all the red lanterns lit up.

There are full of restaurants at "The Ghost Street" and the local dining scene are so much to see.

A picture of the courtyard restaurant at Guijie from US Guest Thad. Thank you, Thad!

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User Reviews


By Julia Zhu,

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Gui is an ancient container for food, it's a very good idea to name this street with Gui. But it sounds like the Ghost Street in Chinese, it's a street full of restaurant and the most hit food in Beijing.
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<p>Gui Street is located in Dongzhimen Nei , Dongzhimen overpass the western part of the Second Ring Road , the east , west to the crossing East Main Street at the eastern end . This more than one kilometer on the street , more than 150 commercial outlets catering services accounted for 90% , mainly Sichuan restaurant .<br /> &nbsp;</p>

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By Annie,

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