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Beatiful place of Lugu Lake

   ladies and gentlemen,today i am going to talking the beatiful place lugu lake .

   lugu lake is a national four -a area  which is located in a provincal senic area at the junction of sichuan and yunnan provinces,the people living there are the minority ethnic group called the moso.the moso people is the only matriarcal societyand still use the walking marriage systerm .

   lugu lake is sourounded by the green mountains ,the forests there are abandant ,beatiful scenery ,freash air ,and clear water.

   there is a interesing local legend spreading on  the formation of  lugu the long past ,here was a village and the village had a orpha.everyday he went out to grazi animals,of couse he is good at feeding animals,one day he fell asleep on a tree on the hill dreaming of  a big fish said to him :good boy i feel very sorry to you ,from now on you neednt bring your lunch any more,just cut the meat on me.when the boy woke up ,he searched the fishand finally found it in a cave.he cut a peice of the meat and buned it to eat .it tasted very delicious.the nest  day he went there again,he found it amazing that where he cut off yesterday now covered withed fresh meat again .some geady found out this .they wanted the fish for themselves and used nine houres and nine cattles with a hard pull,finally pulled the fish out the holl.than dester came.a instant flood started spewing out from the holl,and unindated the village .while a moso women was feeding pigs ,two of  her children were playing by her side.the mother roushed to see  the flood and put the babies to a pig troogh,unfortantly the motjer was dronwed under the water.the children who were drafting in the trough then became the moso ansestors

    so here we have the story of the moso race .these people history has been tied to the beatiful lugu lake .

    does it leave a deep impression on you ?if so,if you have time and money please catch it ,you wlii  be moved by the beatiful  place.