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La Rambla
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La Rambla, Spain, Barcelona
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About this place

La Rambla is probably the most famous street in Barcelona. In the middle ages, the area flooded when it rained, but as most of the year it remained dry it became a popular place for outdoor markets and hanging out.

Starting from the Old Port (Port Vell) you'll see the Columbus statue and you'll be in the very beginning of the street. In this first part in the weekends there is an artisan crafts market. You can also visit here the Wax Museum and the Maritime Museum.

A bit further up start the outdoor cafes, but I don't recommend seating there unless you want to be ripped off: they'll charge you a lot of money for just average quality: you are paying for the great location. Have a look at Plaça Reial (a nice porched plaza with palm trees and fountains), and visit Palau Guell: an early work of the architect Antoni Gaudi.

In the middle section stands the Liceu, our opera house. Not far, look under your feet to find a colorful mosaic by the surrealist artist Joan Miró. The Bruno Quadres building with its Asian decoration is worth a picture aswell. After passing it, you'll be crossing the Flower Market.

To your left hand side you'll see the famous Boqueria food market - probably one of the best in the whole world! It's best visiting Tuesday to Saturday in the mornings and early afternoon.

Further up there is little left of the formers Birds Market, now transformed into unauthentic souvenir stalls. But before reaching the end, have a look at the Canaletes fountain (easy to miss, as it looks like a streetlamp!). If you drink its water, the legend says you'll come back to Barcelona again!

La Rambla finishes in Plaça Catalunya, the heart of the City. You'll have covered a bit more than half a mile, enjoy the city heartbeat and probably taken a few pictures of the mimes and other performers (remember to give them a coin, please!).

But pay attention as pickpockets like acting in this street, and don't participate in street gambling either: it's a scam!

During a chauffeured tour (depending on your timing and itinerary), you might be able to have a ride along La Rambla. Instead, usually walking tours of the Old Town or the City Center will only cover the upper section of it.

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