Wudangzhao Temple Tours – Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China

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Wudangzhao Temple


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About this place

Wudangzhao Temple (Mongolia language saying: badageer called, meaning Willow) is located in baotou city, Inner Mongolia, 54 km north of the yinshan mountains five when Gou Ji Hulun tushan.

Wudangzhao was initially for the former centre-left banner in Ordos (, jungar banner) Princes in was built in the period of Kangxi (1662-1722).14 years of Qianlong (1749) had huge expansion and ruobiduoji by Zhang Jiaguo Division (1717-1786) referred to the Qing Court of Colonial Affairs given temple names, 21 years of Qianlong (ad 1756) emperor Qianlong named Manchu, Han, Mongolian, Tibetan and four-body text "wide-Temple" horizontal inscribed board."Sleep Temple", Manchu: amubawuleheisu put ~ Kurt (Amba ulhisu juktehen), Mongolia and language: Hui Jech Ao Nulei Sumus (Aqui Yeke Onultu Sume), Tibetan: zhaqin road gedanling (rgya Chen rtogs ldan gliG).Temple which has been one of Mongolian Buddhist pilgrimage to Buddhist holy sites.

I can arrange the tour of Wuangzhao pls feel free to contact me if need ! My email is [email protected] .

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