Meidai Zhao Temple Tours – Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China

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Meidai Zhao Temple


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About this place

Meidaizhao, formerly known as the spirit Temple, later renamed Shou Ling Temple.National key cultural relics protection units, the Beijing-Tibet Highway North of about 50 km east of the donghe district, baotou city, tumed right banner, meidaizhao village.Meidaizhao corners of buildings which have reached about 11 meters of Pier and abutment, there are turrets.Entered the taihe gate into "main hall", which Lamaism incoming Mongolia an important center of Dharma.[1] the temple was surrounded by a fence, and Earth stone masonry structure, flat rectangular, perimeter 681 m, total area of 4000 square meters.

Ming Longqing period (1567-1572), Mongolia Department of primary aletanhan the King of shunyi, in city Temple was founded on a soil.Three years of Wanli (1575 ad) built the first city Temple, the Court named Fu-cheng.Maidalihutuketu in Wanli 34 years this missionary in Tibet, also called Madari Temple, Michael strongly or meidai.

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