Fa Men Temple Tours – Baoji, Shaanxi Province, China

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Fa Men Temple


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Famen Town, Fufeng County, Baoji City, China, Shaanxi Province, Baoji
Hours : 8am-5pm

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Always a holy place in my heart !

I have a dream that one day i can go throught all the Temples in China,  and make a whole record of them , that will be a good memory to me.
Addicted into Buddhist music

By Mandy,

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Recently i just so addicted to Buddhist music, especially when i am hopeless or when i am exhausted, it will always help me to relief, and when i have many pressures from the society, these kind of music make me think deeply and feel really peaceful.
But finding them are quite hard though, do someone know good websites that i can listent to or download? That wil be great !

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