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Vimanmek Palace

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Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand, Bangkok

About this place

Vimanmek Mansion or Palace was built by King Rama V in 1900, few years after he returned from Europe where he visited numerous palaces. This palace is also special for the fact that nails weren´t used during its construction. From the interior decoration of the palace, one can conclude that king liked very much what he saw in Europe because one can notice a combination of European neoclassical style and traditional Thai influence. The entire palace has 72 rooms and it was used for a short period of time before the king moved to a new palace. This palace today is dedicated to King Rama where visitors can see his photos and handicrafts.

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By Cindy Li,

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<p>lovely place.</p>
Re: Vimanmek Palace

By boy_quyet,

Best private tour in Viet Nam

<p>very beautiful palace. :)</p>
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By Eric Denny,

A fun & experienced guide with wonderful stories all over West China.

Great to know the,construction story.

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