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10 Reasons to Live in Banaglore

10 Reasons to love Bengaluru


It took me almost 3 months to know Bangalore. Initially, I hated it when I was new here. Everywhere it was just cars, pollution, no footpath to walk and at some place no road only, so what you can expect from somebody. It was very difficult to commute from one place to another and the biggest problem was with these Auto people; nobody wants to go with meter (every time 10/ 20 rupees extra and sometimes double the meter).

But as time went, I was really amazed to know the real Bangalore- rich in culture, food, temples etc… And it becomes my favorite city to live in India.

Here’s how my thoughts about Bangalore changed:

1) Weather-Always pleasant

The best part of Bangalore which always attract outsiders (I was also one of them) is its amazing weather. It is due to its geographical location, 3000 feet above sea level. Nobody ever felt the need of air conditioned in their home till date. In morning it will be a bright sunny weather but the best part is, no sweating. Shades are necessary to wear. But at night you will feel the cold breeze in your bedroom, as if you are sleeping in some hill station. I will say it’s even better than this hopeless hill station of South India.


2) Green City of India

Still now it is greener than any other city of India. You will find trees on both sides of the road almost everywhere which makes Bangalore pleasant to walk on road. I like Indiranagar, Richmond Circle and MG Road the most.


3) Garden City of India

Also known as Garden City of India. Still now all the gardens are well preserved and maintained properly. Want proof?? Go to Cubbon Park or Lal Bagh. Cubbon Park is a jogger’s paradise. Lal Bagh is very famous among tourists.


4) Food

Food is the most important part of every cosmopolitan city that most of the people look for. I believe in this popular phrase: “When you are in Rome, do as Romans do”. I always try to grasp the local taste so that I can know more about it. That’s what I did when I came to Bangalore for the first time. I straight away went to MTR and Vidyarthi Bhawan to get the local essence of the food. It was out of the world (delicious). It’s a must visit place if you are in Bangalore. Food s are being served in the traditional way.


5) Silicon Valley of India

As we all know that from last few years Bangalore has reached the heights of development. The reason is only one: IT Companies. Almost all the IT companies from around the world have their offices in Bangalore. This has created enormous Job Opportunities for the people of every field. That is why everybody from all over India are coming to Bangalore to start their new life.

6) Like Minded People

Unlike any other city, the crowd of Bangalore is the best part of it. Almost 90% are educated. One can also say it as a Young City of India.

7) Breweries

For drunkard’s, Bangalore is a heaven. This is because of the presence of the world’s largest Brewery Company: UB Group (Owned by Mr. Vijay Mallaya). It will more appropriate to say people here are fond of drinking. People drink not only with friends but with family also. Isn’t it great, full family drank together (Mom, Dad and Son) you will get many options and many amazing places to drink like Sky bar, I-Bar, Aqua etc…

8) Passionate People’s

All of you must be knowing many of the known and famous things that have evolved out of Bangalore like Businesses (Red bus), Singers, Writers, Models (Deepika Padukone and Milind Soman), Sportsmen (Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble), photographers (Atul Kasbekar) etc… Many startups by the young entrepreneurs like Chai Point, Fasoos etc… Many youngsters got to found their element while working in Bangalore. Everybody is doing something or the other what they love to do.

9) Safe for Woman

Yesss, Bangalore is one of the safest city of India for Woman’s. Even if you will walk alone, people will not pass any lewd comments or do some non- sense.

10) Weekend Getaway

Bengaluru is in the center of South India. From here there are hell lot of options for weekend getaway. Trekking, Mountaineering, Hill Station, Jungles, Beaches etc… Everything is within 500kms and easily accessible.

If I miss something will be happy to do the additions.