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Pura Kehen has a long history which last for eleven centuries. It consists of eight terraces and it is turned towards the sun. This temple is the temple of the fire and Brahmen protects the temple. 38 steps climb towards the entrance while guardian statues follow these steps. The guardian statues are in fact wayang characters from Ramayana story. After the entrance one can walk across the courtyard. After the second courtyard one enters the holiest courtyard which is called jeroan. Jeroan is home to meru with 11 roofs that is dedicated to the protector God of the temple. Smaller merus are seen around. This courtyard is also home to the throne built for Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. Besides these principal temple features one can spend a lot of time looking at numerous details carved in stone.
People who visit temple are advised to dress appropriately and if they don´t have adequate clothes there is a possibility to take a sarong in order to enter the temple.

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