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The Temple of Kom Ombo (Temple of Sobek and Haroeris)
كوم أمبو


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The fascinating temple of Kom Ombo stands between Edfu and Aswan, on the bank of Nile. The temple was built on a high dune during the Ptolomeic era about 119 BC.

This temple actually consists of two, one dedicated to Sobek and one to Haroeris, the crocodile god and his wife together. Ptolomy VI started the construction, Neos Dionysus finished the majority of it while Emperor Augustus added some parts. This was the temple is the combination of mostly Egyptian elements with addition of the Roman ones. Healing powers were attributed to the temple so during the time it became a pilgrimage site.

Today, visitors can enter the temple through the ancient gate built by Neos Dionysus known also as Ptolomy XII. A small room inside of the temple is dedicated to the godess Hathor where today are displayed mummified crocodiles.

Since, these are two temples, one can notice that there are duplicate things: two entrances, two courts, two sanctuaries, etc.

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