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Ngorongoro Crater
Shimo la ngorongoro

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A14 manyara, Tanzania, Arusha
Hours : 06:00am - 06:00pm

About this place

                                      Standing Proudly in Ngorongoro Conservation area of Tanzania is the Ngorongoro crater. This highly visited African attraction is the World’s largest inactive unbroken and unfilled volcanic caldera. Approximately 40000 people live in the conservation area, they share the land with an incredible amount of wildlife. The Ngorongoro crater was formed when a Large Volcano erupted and collapsed on itself, this explosion created a caldera approximately two and a half million years ago.

When it was a volcano its thought to have been a similar size to Mount Kilimanjaro, one of worlds highest mountains. Estimates of the volcano’s original height vary between 4500 to 5800 metres. The crater itself is about 610 metres deep and 260 kilometers square.

The Ngorongoro conservation area is one of the most important prehistoric sites in the World. The Fossils discovered there are said to be the earliest known evidence of the human species.

About 450,000 tourists visit Ngorongoro every year, accounting for 60 per cent of the average 770,000 tourists visiting Tanzania per annum. Famous visitors include former US President Bill Clinton, the Queen of Denmark Magrethe II, former American Human Right Activist the Rev Jesse Jackson, Hollywood film star Chris Tucker, John Wayne, Prince William, and the entire delegation attending the 2008 Leon Sullivan Summit which took place in Arusha. Some scenes from the Oscar winning Out of Africa and John Wayne's Hatari were filmed in Ngorongoro.                                   

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