Tierra del Fuego National Park Tours – Argentina, Tierra del Fuego Province

Tierra del Fuego National Park
Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego


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Luis Fernando Martial, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina

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Tierra del Fuego National Park was established in 1966. It is located on the Argentine part of the island. It also includes some parts of Fagnano and Rocal lakes. The park has one of the most beautiful sceneries with multitude of mountains, glaciers, forests and waterfalls. The park stretches on the area of 630 km2. Numerous tourists visit the park taking a hike on the park trail. The park is also popular for the number of animal and plant life; 20 species of mammals and 90 bird species.
It is the southernmost national park in the world. Only 11 km away from the NP is located the southernmost city in the world called Ushuaia. Within the park one can see Lago Fagnano, Beagle Channel, Pipo cascade, Lago Roca, Ensanada Bay, Laguna Negra and the Lapataia Bay.

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