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The Inca´s Bridge
Puente del Inca


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About this place

Because of the name of this site many people suppose that this is a bridge that the Inca tribe built. Well, it isn´t. This site is in fact still very important and it is a natural arch that goes from one bank to the other bank of the Vacas River. The site is located on 2 700 m above the sea level. This natural bridge is of an impressive size. It is 48m long, 28 m wide, about 8 m thick and 27 m high.

Besides the actual arch there are also hot springs called Puente del Inca.

Since the site is located on a territory where there are cold winters with lots of snow and the hot springs going onto the surface that this mutual effect caused beautiful formations that can be seen here. One can also notice various colors due to the minerals.

There is also an old railway station which is now converted to a mountaineering museum called Museo del Andanista and that is opened during summer months.

It is also believed that the hot springs have a good effect on the people´s health, as it is the case with many hot springs.
During the colonial period this site was on the route to Chile.

There are several legends about the creation of the place which include stories about the Incas and this is from where the bridge got its name.

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