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Arbel Cliffs
מצוק ארבל (Matzok Arbel)


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Arbel National Park, Israel, Arbel
Hours : 0800 - 1600 (winter) 1700 (summer)

About this place

The Arbel National Park is one of the most popular national parks in Israel. Founded in 1967 it has some of the most striking vistas in Israel. A large park of the lower Galilee is viewable from the viewpoints on top as well as the site of the battle of the Horns of Hattin where the crusaders were defeated by the forces of Saladin and the Druze holy site, Nebi Shueb.

The cliffs are the backdrop for some of the most dramatic stories of antiquity; it is the place where Herod the Great routed the Hasmonean supporters living in the caves. It was also the home of Nittai the Arbelite, a famous first century Sage. One can visit a fourth century synagogue and see the castle of an Ottoman Bandit Warlord carved into the side of the mountain.

The Arbel is home to a wide variety of fauna and flora including hyrax, turtles and yellow vented bulbuls.


There are a number of routes one can hike in the park, only one of them is considered a 'light' hike (the top route following the outlooks), other hikes should only be undertaken by those willing to climb a bit.

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