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When is the best time to visit Yunnan ?

The raining season start in the late May and ends in Oct ,last about 5 months in a year this is not  the best time to visit the province as the road are often dangerous and some parts In higher snow land could  have landslide  and road washed out due to the bad weather .

The dye reason is about 7 months in a year , the weather is quiet sunny with blue sky almost everyday  and often very dye and people can easily get sunburned in high elevation areas such as DAli ,Lijinag ,Shangelila .this is the best time to travel as your plans  will not get so disturbed from the weather .and you are able to  totally bake yourself  in the bright sun .this is also time to rest for lots of farmers as well as good time to build house and do more outdoor activities .

Happy travel!