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Hongqi Canal

    Hongqi Canal is a man-made canal, which is located at Lin County, Anyang Municipality, Lin County is in the junction of Henan Province, Shan'xi Province and Hebei Province, and it is the place which is in serious condition of drought and in a bad shortage of water.

    According to historical materials, Lin County has been in serious drought condition since Ming Dynasty-AD 1436, hundreds of natural disasters has taken place in Lin County from Ming Dynasty to the foundation of New PRC, and there are 39 times of no harvest of crops in Lin County because of drought. So the people of Lin County has been trying hard enough to find way out to solve drought problem, though the achievements are little.

    And what's more, in 1959, the only 4 rivers in Lin County has dried up, so Lin County had to find water out of Lin County, back then, Lin's government decided to transfer the Zhuzhang River to Lin County, and Zhuzhang River is in Shan'xi Province, after the approvement of Shan'xi government, Lin's people decided to make a canal to transfer the water into Lin County.

    The construction of  Red Flag Canal started at the Feb of 1960, and ended at Jul of 1969, the project took nearly 10 years, 1250 mountaintop had been hewn, 151 aqueducts had been set up, 211 tunnels had been digged, built 12408 constructions of every type, digged and layered 22250 thousand cubic meters of earth and stones, the total length of Red Flag Canal is 70.6 meters, from Shicheng Town, Shan'xi Province to Rencun Town, Henan Province, main and branch canal distributed in every towns of Lin County. 

    2013, Hongqi Canal Economic Development Zone upgraded into Red Flag Economic Development Zone of  National Level after the approval of State Council, and it is the 8th National Economic Development Zone approved by State Council.

    2015 is the 20th anniversary of Red Flag Canal.

    Hongqi Canal breed Red Flag Canal Spirit, many people sacrificed their life during the process of the construction of Hongqi Canal, and many of those sacrificed were yong men/women, and they overcome a tramendous amount of obstacles and difficulties before the victory of the construction of Hongqi Canal, it is the momument of national spirit, the signal of national culture, hard working, striving for success and cooperation spirit are all belongs to Hongqi Canal Spirit. it can inspires people to over obstacles and create miracles.

    1990, the head of Henan Province instructed Hongqi Canal become into a tourist area, to transfer spiritual wealth into Material wealth. 

    2002, Hongqi Canal was evaluated as 5A tourist area by Chinese government.

    2006, Hongqi Canal was listed the National Key Historical Protection Unit by the State Council.

    One more thing I have to say here: many movies has been made in Hongqi Canal and many movies about the Hongqi Canal has been made.

    In 20th Century, one famous French director came to Hongqi Canal and made a very famous Documantary Video about Red Flag Canal.

    Whatever, Hongqi Canal warmly welcome friends frome all over the world to have a look.

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