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Andasibe National park and Morondava, the best wildlife tour in Madagascar

Madagascar is very known of its lemurs and the baoab trees. If you visit Madagascar for a week, you have to see the animals and trees which symbolize Madagascar. To see very close up the lemurs, I always advise my customers to visit Andasibe National park, Lemur's island in the eastern area of Madagascar through the rainforest and then, to Morondava in the western area of Madagascar, through the dry forest.

During a week trip, you have to see, at least, 7 species of lemurs and the 3 amazing species of the baobab trees.

Apart from these two main highlights of the tour, you will experience the life style in the country side of Madagascar and you will have opportunity to have direct contct with the local people.

During the journey, you will have to go through the amazing landscape in the highland, the eastern area of madagascar and the western area of Madagascar.

Please kindly be prepared that during this week tour, you have to drive over roughly 1700km, otherwise, if you want to shorten the distance, you can take a domestic flight between Antananarivo and Morondava.

During the year along, this tour is doable, regardless which season we are.