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Huangshan Treking Instructions

1>.What is the best season for traveling Huangshan Mountain?
Huangshan Mountain is a year-round travel destination with its different beauty in different seasons.

In spring(Apr-Jun), Huangshan Mountain presents its growing vigor. The light-colored budding flowers, tender green of the branch shoots or grass scatter all over the mountain. Light rains fall through the spring and mist or thick fog often happens.

Tips for spring travel:

Antiskid light shoes, raincoat (avoid umbrella with metal material for the constant storm and wind), warm, coat and sunblock, hat, etc. are required.

In summer(Jul-Aug) , Huangshan mountain still maintains the cool weather(averagely less than 20ºC on the summit) due to its height and its dense plantation and constant rainfalls. And tourists swarm in to shelter from the summer heat.

Tips for summer travel:

Antiskid light shoes, raincoat (avoid umbrella with metal material for the constant storm and wind), light jacket and sunblock, hat, etc. are required.
Summer is peak travel time and better to make your hotel, ticket reservation in advance.
In autumn (Sep-Oct) , Huangshan Mountain is drenched in different colors. The clearest days in this season can unveil the truest beauty of the mount particular scene, thus this season is generally considered the best travel time.

Tips for autumn travel:

Autumn is also hot tour period in Huangshan, especially the one-week National Day Holiday. Accommodation and transfer should be arranged ahead of time to ensure the availability.
Temperature is in big difference between daytime and night.
In winter (Nov-Mar) , Huangshan Mountain carpeted with the white thick snow. Around December-February, the photographers flock to Huangshan to capture the snow scene. The cloud sea appears more frequent in winter than other seasons.

Tips for winter travel:

Bring the gloves to lessen the friction when grasping the iron fence chain along the mount.
Sunglasses are advised to protect your eyes from the light reflection of the snow.