Zhaji Village Tours – Anhui Province, Xuancheng, China

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Zhaji Village


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Xuancheng, Anhui, China, China, Xuancheng, Anhui Province

About this place

Zhaji is a very peaceful and beautiful village,the great poet Li Bai(李白) once mationed the Tao Hua Tan river of this amzing place in his poem which in Chinese is"桃花潭水深千尺,不及汪伦送我情".

It's a great pleace to take photos,hikking and relax!


You can get Xuancheng(宣城) by Train or bus,and when you arrive at Xuancheng you can take a bus to Jingxian (泾县) at the Xuancheng bus station.

And then take a bus to Zhaji(査济) from Jingxian.

It's a long trip,but when you get there you will know its worth.

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User Reviews

a lovely place i wanna go.

By Chris,


I saw this post and i am now planning to go to this place to have holiday. It will be a fantastic place for stay away from city lifes.

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