Wan Cui Lou(Wan Cui Pavilion Museum) Tours – Anhui Province, Huangshan, China

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Wan Cui Lou(Wan Cui Pavilion Museum)


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Tun Xi Old Street, China, Huangshan, Anhui Province

About this place

In Chinese,Wan Cui mean "Ten thousands Treasures".So Wan Cui Lou mean the Pavilion with many treasures.

Wancuilou is located the Old Street in Huangshan City.

Wancuilou,which is a magnificent and elegant typical Hui-style building with caesious eaves tiles ,white corbie ables,ornamental perforated windows,red columns and upturned eaves,stands tall and upright in the heart of this 800-meter long Old Street.

Wancuilou was designed and founded by Mr.Wan Renhui as his own private museum

Mr.Wan made Wancuilou a collection of ancient Chinese calligraphy and painting, porcelain and many other antiques.



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