Ban Yan Tree Hotel Tours – Anhui Province, Huangshan, China

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Ban Yan Tree Hotel


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No.1 Yuerong Rd., Hongcun Village, Yixian County, China, Huangshan, Anhui Province
Hours : All Work Hours

About this place

My last clients and guests lived there last week in the end of August, 2015. To be honest, the housing and architecture are not that akin to HUI architecture and most of decorations and horticulture are still on construction, which bring some bad impression on visitors' mind. Compared with other Banyan Tree villas, this one near Hongcun village is of not satisfactory service including food and others.

Veiled in mist and cloud, the ethereal beauty of Mount Huangshan has endured throughout the ages. Eloquently portrayed in classic Chinese ink paintings and poems, its surreal scene of peculiarly shaped granite peaks, resilient-angled pines, sunrises and sunsets continue to mesmerise and strike a chord in many hearts. After bathing in ‘Buddha's Light', a magnificent sunrise phenomenon at Mount Huangshan, climb the iconic Hundred-step Cloud Ladder to the Jade Screen Peak and give a salutatory nod to the 1,500 year old Welcoming-Guest Pine on your way to the Lotus Peak. At this 1,873 metre-high summit, witness the awe-inspiring sea of clouds with the world at your feet. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, complete your Mount Huangshan experience with a spot of flora and wildlife viewing, a dip in the Purple Cloud Peak hot springs and sips of Fur Peak Tea. Visit Xidi and Hongcun ancient villages, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the preserves of traditional Chinese villages from the Ming and Qing dynasties and the authentic embodiments of regional culture and architectural style.

It needs time to make those ideas come alive and true.

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By Nature_1984,

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Feel US in its real sense~

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