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Talking about foods in Chengdu, as a local girl, I feel extremely proud. Chengdu has a got a fame for all kinds of delicious foods. For me, I’d like to divide them into three parts----local dishes, local snacks and hotpot.
There is no doubt about the popularity of Sichuan foods around this world, and to many people, when they think about Sichuan foods, they will also think about the endless spicy flavor and their burning tongue. Spicy, this should be the most typical impression left to many visitors, as a local girl, I have to say, yeah, because of the humid and wet climate, people of Chengdu like to eat spicy foods, but it is not always the same case. In Chengdu, we have countless delicious foods, even though some of them are quite spicy but still, there are a lot of foods, dishes, snacks, hotpots that are totally not spicy, so don’t be afraid of trying them.
Talking about local dishes, I think it is the best way to see how careful but also how picky our Chengdu people are when we make our dishes. Foods in Sichuan are famous for its various sources, I have met a lot of lovely foreign people, sometimes when we go to a local dish restaurant, they will feel so confused when the waiter brings the dishes, because almost half of the dish is all kinds of sources and they don’t know which part they should eat. To tell a cook is qualified or not, it is very easy to tell from the taste of the dishes he makes. As long as he is careful enough to make all the sources in a balanced way, then he is a good cook for our Sichuan dishes. Now that you come to Sichuan, why not just be picky and try our exquisitely cooked local dishes?
One thing you must try when you are in Sichuan is our local snacks. Most of them have a long long history, perhaps even as long as hundreds of years. Chengdu has a history of more than 2700 years, together with the long history is our various local snacks. Almost each snack has its own story, they can be spicy, sour, sweet, salty; they can be also cute, round, slippery, colorful even surprising. Once you are in Chengdu, go to the time-honored snacks’ restaurant, order a collection of the local snacks, just give your stomach a great enjoyment!
Hotpot is a must-try when you are in Chengdu. Many eaters know that the original place for hotpots was Chongqing, another city next to Chengdu, however, the flavors of the hotpots in Chengdu are never worse than Chongqing. Not all the hotpots are spicy, we have two most common hotpots, one is the traditional flavor, can be spicy, but not too bad, the other one is not spicy at all, you can even drink the soup from it, which can be quite tasty and nutritious. But remember, never try the soup from another pot, unless, you have an iron tongue and stomach! 
Sichuan foods are so famous for its reasons----almost all kinds of people can find something they like among our foods. When you are in Chengdu, just be a local people, forget how busy you are, how much you need to earn, just follow our local belief, live and be happy for the moment in your hand! Enjoy the most of your present life!