Zhaotun strawberry, China, Shanghai

Zhaotun strawberry


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Hours : 8:00am-6:00pm
Price : 30 Yuan/ ticket for picking

About this place

Shanghai Zhaotun village is well-know as the "hometown of strawberry" In china as there are hundres of strawberry greenhouse in the area (around 2000 acres).Every year, from late December to Mid-may is the best season for strawberry picking in Shanghai. 

The strawberry there are keep in the tent, with the warm temperature. They are kept well and very sweet with the run-down-your-chin juicy. You can pick up the strawberry and taste it while picking. And also you can buy the fresh strawberry from there with a nice price. 

It is a very big area of strawberry where you can find every farmer has his own tent. You can just find one of them. The farmers ' home also provide the food which is very delicous and fresh. 

How to Get There:

Drive to The direction of Qingpu through G50 TO Zhaotun town or take the bus to Qinpu station and transfer the bus of Qinghe line to Hongqi village.

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Zhaotun strawberry Address

Zhaotun town , Qinpu district, Shanghai, Shanghai, China

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