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Ear massage / ear cleaning

In Chengdu tea houses,or the famous Jinli street or Kuanzhai Lane , you will see someone sitting on a bamboo chair, tilted his head, eyes closed, mouth revealing a trace from time to time issued by the inner pleasure expression, beside him stood a man staring at his ears, holding a heap tool salvage the dig, digging, as if looking for some treasure, this is for ear massage / or ear cleaning

When you sit in Chengdu teahouse chatting with friends, or leisurely walking in the street, you may hear the ringing "clatter" burst of trembling voice, heard this unique, trademark, exclusive trembling voice , those who are familiar with Chengdu, would know that the ear master signal at you

Chengdu is very relaxing, there are many tea houses.

pedicures, massage and acupuncture are national, I mean you can find these in other parts of China,but Ear Cleaning( or Ear massage) is  unique to Chengdu, "a cup of tea, ear massage( ear cleaning) " has become a habit, a culture, a phenomenon in Chengdu.

how ear massage( ear cleaning) comes from?

According to legend, during the Tang Dynasty, Sichuan drought, the emperor visited the drought in Sichuan. Once the emperor wanted to inspect the situation along the river, the emperor sitting in the boat, the boat trackers were pulling on the bank. wind blows the sand to the emperor's mouth, nose, ears  and they have to invite a master from barber shop to help pull out the sand from the ears.  the master used a bamboo stick to dig the emperor's ears, and goose feather to sweep the ears. the emperor felt so comfortable and enjoyable, he rewarded the master.

are you still watching? just have a try of the fantastic ear massage